FNM Promo Fatal Push #3: Super Lucky

No one likes hearing about bad beats. They happen.

Happened tonight.

Round one I win. Round two and three I got screwed hard. Seemingly keepable hands. Two lands, some cycle cards, 2 cost counters. Okay. Let's see my other twenty-four land.


Should I have taken a mulligan? The basic idea as I understand it is that is there a hand minus one card that would be better than what you have. I didn't think so. But the top of the deck didn't go well.

Round three I lose. I get up, frustrated, and walk out of the store. I needed a break. I kind of love that people are so trustworthy in Japan that I can leave my cards on a table and no one steals a thing. Probably a bad habit to develop. But I was angry. I worry I have anger issues. I might have to work on this. But again, it's a card game, and when I'm done with the games, I congratulate my opponents on their wins and go off and steam a bit and when I get home I'm no longer angry.

Now I also got lucky. Because Top 8 got promo copies of Fatal Push but two more were going to be given out. Eight players pulling from eight cards. Two are the promos, the other six are random cards that no one wants.

I was ninth place. I got to pull first. I got my promo card.


Holy shit. I felt like such a dirtbag. I got so lucky at the end. I wasso frustrated at bad luck and then good luck came up. It doesn't matter so much. It's just a card. And I would have preferred to have one it instead of getting lucky.

But I got lucky. And sometimes you just have to take that.

It's frustrating, and I feel like I am making an excuse here, but getting to go out and play games is what I look forward to after a workweek. And when luck makes it so that it doesn't feel like I played that is what frustrates me. I never mind losing a game that felt good. Or if my opponent outsmarted me.

But I have to accept that bad "luck" happens. There's randomness in the game. I cannot act like the world "hates" me because I drew bad in a card game. I must accept that I will have "good" days and I will have "bad". It feels so hard to accept this, especially when Depression is there to tell you that you deserve bad things. But fuck Depression.

What an asshole.