In 109 hours

One hundred and nine hours from now the next area will unlock in Pictlogica for 3DS. I would have thought they'd cap the time at 3 days, but nope. They sure are putting up a wall. There are thirty levels. I'm on eleven. At least I am a busy man.

Although not with Dragon Quest 11. I am not sure why it hasn't got more hours put into it. I've been tired. Watching my son during the summer, and let's not forget that heat, has been exhausting. Not that I am complaining. Except that I am.

I have heard that things you want to do get done. Well, when you want a lot of thigns, they sure don't get done easily. Then again what do I want?

What I have played of DQ11 has been fun. Even though classes aren't in session, I at least have freelance translation work to keep me busy. Very, very busy. I also rewatched Rick and Morty. Okay, I could have played DQ11. But I kind of also want to stream it and wasn't in a location to do such. So I watched some TV.

I also hit my goal of ten movies this year. Yeah. I don't watch many movies. This isn't new movies. Just ones I haven't seen before. Number ten was Drive. Because I heard about it on a podcast. It's funny how I worry about game spoilers but give fuck all about movie spoilers. It's all in what you love, I suppose.

I love sleep right about now.