Empty feelings

For some reason I rewatched Rick and Morty. Season 3 is not available in Japan just yet, and while I realize there are cough ways cough to see things, I try not to. I have enough stuff to do that I can wait. If it never happens though. Hm. Maybe when I take a trip back to the States.

Ah, summer vacation.

The last episode of season two hits hard. Especially when you're going through some emotional stuff. Which is personal enough that I don't want to get into at the moment. But things might change soon. In a big way. And the next few months are going to be me worrying a lot about people close to me.

This is vague. But I don't have anything else on my mind to talk about right now. These little moments in life can be rougher than you'd expect. And can leave you feeling empty.

Dang, why did I watch that today?