Let's talk about why Secret of Mana sucks

I got into some good ol' fashioned internet arguments about a week ago because I am less than excited for the remake of Secret of Mana coming out. Now, apparently this is done by the team who redid Seiken Densetsu aka Final Fantasy Adventure aka Mystic Quest, which is not to be confused with Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.

Ah, the 90s sure were a time for video games.

Now, Secret of Mana might be one of my most anticipated birthday gifts. That's a lie, EarthBound was. But Secret of Mana was up there. I played the crap out of the game, much like I did Final Fantasy Adventure, having nary a clue that the two were tied together. We did not have a multitap, or whatever the SNES doo-dad was called, so we gave our youngest brother a random Atari controller and told him he was controlling the sprite. Popoi, is it?

Anyway, I replayed the game again in 2007 or 8 after arriving in Japan and I didn't like it as much. I've been ""called out"" for nostalgia glasses plenty of times, but I was actually surprised that I didn't enjoy Secret of Mana as much as I remembered.

Mostly it was the glitches. And I think a lot of these had been fixed for the North American release. I am not entirely sure. But there was a fair number of times where I beat a boss and the room never "reopened" allowing me to proceed. A soft-lock, as it is often called. This sucked. And like I said, it wasn't once or twice, and it wasn't in the same location. Various bosses throughout the game.

I am currently replaying it on the Switch collection and there are lots of little things that bug me. Things that RPGs of that era were doing already, so I have to question why this game lacked them.

Shops tell you practically nothing. You have no idea what your characters have equipped, no idea if the armor is better or not, no idea if you already have four of an item unless you try to buy it and the shopkeep tells you that you are unable to carry any more. I do hope this is remedied in the upcoming remake. It should be doable, because there sure is screen real estate available. It's free real estate. Use it up, please.

There's very little battle feedback. I do realize this was before rumble, so I don't expect that out of an SNES game, but so many times I attack an enemy and have no idea why nothing connected. It didn't tell me if I missed, if the enemy was immune to the weapon (Is that even a thing in Secret of Mana? I don't know!), or if the attack just happened to do zero damage. Actually, maybe zero damage does show up. But if it does, I cannot remember seeing it. A lot of times, especially in three boss fights I did in a row on a train-ride, there was just lots of swining and no feedback. And that was frustrating. I just kept spamming attack spells and the bosses eventually died. Cool.

Okay, I am being harsh. I actually am still having a bit of fun. The game is gorgeous, has a lovely soundtrack and going around the world is fun. Mode 7 Flammie is awesome, too.

The 3D map you get when you press start sucks, though. Don't even try to fight me on that one. It takes forever to render and there are no labels!

So what ddo I hope for this remake? Well, I was a bit disheartened when it was announced and "proud" of its new graphics. Okay, whatever. The real meat is whether or not they take the time to improve the menus, shops and information given to the player. That's what I want out of a remake. Modern touches. Even if these touches probably could have been in the original game.

My ohnly concern is that the Seiken Densetsu remake released lsat year was fairly... faithful. There's a section of the game where you cannot get keys and can get stuck. And if you happened to save in that area, whoops! Restart or hope you have an earlier save. I had to restart. That was frustrating. Some people retorted to my complaint about this that it was in the original game, and yes, that is very true. It's kind of exactly the thing I want to see fixed. But that's just me. I play old games a lot, so a new version to me isn't a chance for today's graphics, but for today's everything. And I can be skeptical, although the Seiken Densetsu remake was pretty good. Except the few times it crashed. When I was getting trophies. When I had just beaten a boss.

Eh, who cares. I will be buying this. I just have my concerns.