I have not had classes since the end of July, but today is the first real "holiday" of the summer. People have off from work, so the one store I go to for my Friday Night Magic Tournaments decided to have a Legacy tournament. I think we had fifteen people? I came in eighth. Made a silly mistake last game of round four. Forgot to write down my opponent's hand. Called the wrong creature with Cabal Therapy.

Oh well.

The place is throwing a party tomorrow. Not a tournament. Just a social gathering. Play some games, eat some food, drink some drinks. It'll be fun.

Oh, came in second for Friday Night Magic. Went 3-0, but I lost two games and the person in first place didn't lose a game. Dayumn.

These days of "excess" fun can make me feel guilty, but on the other hand I am doing all of my work, so why feel bad? Why not just enjoy the time I get to enjoy and work the time I get to work.

Oh yeah, the depression. Maybe the med dosage upgrade wasn't enough.