What's a day?

Back in... 2014? a friend gifted me a Hobonichi Techo. Basically a daily planner. But with a nice, EarthBound, er, well technically Mother 2 themed case. I tried writing daily stuff in it, but that failed. I tried writing out my plans for the day, but that went mostly digital. So I tried, but failed.

This year I decided I'd just barf out my thoughts about the previous day on that day's date in the book. So I wrote about January 1 on January 2, basically. And I've been pretty consistent about doing it. Every day is filled out. Some days the writing is a bit bigger than others just so I can fill the page, but I’m writing. It's kind of cathartic to write about yesterday. It can also be hard.

Summer vacation came and I slipped. With my schedule being different I didn't write for weeks. I’d realize this and get kind of scared. I mean, oh no, work to do! Even though I don't have to do it. So today I caught up. Wrote about two weeks of stuff.

It's kind of hard to remember some days.

Which is kind of terrifying. Some days just are. You go through the motions. Do what you “have” to do. Then the day ends. And when you look back on it, it is just a fuzzy memory. Nothing grand.

Just another day.