The world at 3am

Ah, Picross. The damn number/block puzzle picture drawing game that for some reason makes time go three times faster. Even though there is a clock right in front of you, often enough.

A person who will go unnamed was talking about the 3DS port of Pictlogica Final Fantasy. The iOS version is probably my most played "energy" game. And now there is a 3DS version.

Okay, it has actually came out July 12, which wasn't as far back as I figured. But still. The first night I had the game I looked up and it was 3am. And I had work the next day. Fuck.

But that is Picross in a nutshell. The 3DS version of Pictlogica is different from what I remember. Well, there are worlds and when you complete one the next one is unlocked after a time limit. Which starts at... thirty minutes, I think? I'm up to 72 hours right now, so it does ramp up.

Of course one could pay to unlock worlds quicker. But hey. Why do that when I can wait? And wait I do, because goodness I have some games to play.

Plus, there is a lot to do in this version of Pictlogica. There are the normal puzzles, but also the battles. Which are similar to FF battles except after solving a 5x5 Picross puzzle the characters attack. If you messed up a line, that line's character doesn't attack. Otherwise they swing and based on their levels and abilities and skills stuff happens. Then there are quests such as "Beat this battle without using special skills." Or "Beat this battle with X kind of characters." Where X could be characters from a certain FF game, or characters who use certain weapons or magic. It's neat.

But any fan of Picross and Final Fantasy should put this onto their 3DS if they can. Because it combines all the fun stuff