Games I beat in 2017 #16: Castle in the Darkness

I fucking hate this game.

Okay, harsh. It was fun. Lots of neat little homages here and there, too. A side-scrolling, sword-swinging adventure was nice. It also felt a bit like VVVVVV and other “You are going to die a lot” games. Except the save points were spread out. Far. Far from each other. And I suck at action games.

So there wasa lot of repetition. Mostly my fault, to be sure. But the game did have a few cheap “Gotcha!” moments which were frustrating. Extra so when I failed for them again after making my way through a bunch of difficult rooms.

The bosses were mostly fun, but more so when there was a save point next to their room. Otherwise, yikes. I was actually surprised how easy the final boss was. Maybe the game had trained me up to that point. I think it took me two tries whereas some took me well over ten tries.

It tells you the number of deaths you've experienced after every one, and boy was that a thing. Sure feels good to break five-hundred. Well, that is the game I suppose.

There were lots of secrets, lots of side areas to explore and get good stuff, but of course they were extra hard areas too. Only one did I give up on. The timing to get past the spikes was complete and utter nonsense. But, hey, I am sure if I wanted to I could have pushed through.

But I did not. I mostly wanted to finish the game. And I did. It was fun, a little cute, and incredibly frustrating at times. But I’m glad I beat it.