Games I beat in 2017 #15: Seiken Densetsu

Does this count? I have beaten it countless times. But I also beat it again when I picked up the Seiken Densetsu Collection for the Switch.

It is currently the only Switch game I own.

Well, aside from downloadable titles. But it is not a bad game to own. Three in one! And while this is a straight port, it plays well on the Switch. All the speed run glitches are intact. I think I beat it in under an hour. I'm still not good at speed running this game.

But one nice thing is that it maps Select and Start to Y and X. So you can soft reset with a quick push of all four face buttons. Handy! Especially when setting up some of the glitches in the game. One in particular is getting enemies to spawn on a screen that they don't appear on at first.

It is a weird little thing, but if you just go to this screen there are no enemies. But if you save and reset there will be enemies when you load. This lets you turn one of them into a snowman with the Ice magic item you picked up. Then you can walk over the snowman with the girl helping to push you over the snowman and then you warp to the end of the game. Oh yeah, the girl isn't supposed to be with you at this point. So, bonus weirdness.

I… am not sure why that works. But it does and it is one of three major skips used in the speed run. Actually, two involve scrolling the screen while half-standing on top of an object. Then you just warp to somewhere different on the map. The other one kind of makes sense because you are forcing the character through a wall. The game then dumps them into another dungeon. Just lined up that way in memory, I assume.

Anyway. It’s faithful. I still enjoy it. If I speed run the game again, I’ll probably use this version unless I find a reason not to.

Big thumbs up.