Games I beat in 2017 #13: Rockman World 2

macOS auto-converts “Rockman” into Rickman, which makes me want to go on a Yes bender.

Unlike my blog, I completed playing Rockman World and Rockman World 2 on the same day. Getting into that groove just does that to you. Yes, I abused save-states again. No, I still don't care. Rockman World 2 stood out a little less, and perhaps that is because I played through it so fast. Same deal, four bosses from one Rockman then four from another. Add some stuff unique to this version and boom.

But it’s Rockman. At this age it was soothing to cruise through another one instead of doing something else. Like playing one of those long RPGs in my backlog that haunt me for some reason. I like playing them, but starting to play them feels scary.

Which is a weird place to get into on a writeup on playing a Game Boy Rockman game. But that is what I know. I played this to avoid doing something else. Because it was soothing. Because I knew I could do it and that it would make the time go by in a less painful way. And it was okay. But it was forgettable.

Also, it’s July now. And my goal for this year was to be writing a blog post every other day. You can guess how that is going. Of course, there was this weird part in my brain that said: “Well, 50% is half a year. It doesn't matter if you don't write anything throughout January through June. You can just write something every day from July to December! Anything you write before June is bonus nachos!”

I wish I remember why I started saying “bonus nachos”. It started in college. It was something I am pretty sure I thought was clever. I have no idea why now, though.

But hey. Rockman World 2! Fun enough!