Games I beat in 2017 #17: Silent Night

Earlier this year I beat Lifeline. So I played its sequel, Silent Night. Not much different. Snazzier effects. A map giving Taylor’s location. Scrolling text! That scrol was awful.

Say the dialogue was three lines long. All three lines would scroll out at once. Horizontally. What. That’s not how people read! Okay, maybe someone reads fast enough that, wait, no. Part of the sentence isn't finished before you see another part of it. It made no sense! There was no option to disable it! It drove me bonkers!

I let the text roll out and then just read it all. I had to scroll back a bit for some of the longer dialogues. Of which there seemed to be quite a bit. Taylor encounters some live folk this time so the conversations show up. Each character gets their own color. (You the player, too!) So it is not hard to keep track.

Nothing much changed, though. Decent enough story. Got one bad ending. I rewound the game a bit, skipped over something by accident, got another bad ending. Scrolled back, did the thing, got the good ending. Hooray. Took a little longer this time. It didn't engage me as much as the first. Ah, the trouble of sequels.