A year back in

I’ve almost been playing Magic again for a year.

Coming in during the release of Eldritch Moon was interesting. Standard was overrun by Bant Company, but I didn't want to invest into a deck that would rotate soon. Company decks seem to exist in Modern and maybe I could have gone that route, but no. I built a Thermo Alchemist UR deck. I did decent in some Friday Night Magic tournaments, and waited for Kaladesh.

The prerelease, the first one I had attended since… Torment? was a midnight one. I had become friends with people at this store, and it felt like a good idea. I pulled some okay cards, but didn't do too great in the tournament. On Saturday I take my son to Osaka. Found a nearby store that runs a prerelease that just happens to start after my son’s English class. And it ended before I need to go pick him up. Beautiful. Played in that. Sunday I went to a local store and played in two more.

I enjoyed Kaladesh’s prerelease. Aether Revolt was pretty fun, too. Amonkhet didn't do much for me and Hour of Devastation was some of the least fun I've had playing Magic in a while.

Part of it was luck. Nothing exciting in my pools while nearby people were opening Nicol Bolas and Masterpieces. Okay, not everybody, but three people opened Nicol Bolas at one prerelease. I got a land that can exile creatures I control. Yay.

Okay, this sounds like me whining about my unlucky pulls. I’m sure if I worked a bit harder I could have put together solid decks. I did pay for these prerelease by selling some good pulls I got in a Modern Masters 2017 sealed event. So I cannot complain.

But I’m just not that excited for Standard. With Wizards getting rid of Grand Prix Trials, it'll be hard to get my Planeswalker Points. Or Grand Prix byes at all for that matter. That is a bit frustrating. We will see how the next set and the switch to no small sets changes up the game. But it does seem that I came back to it at a weird time.