Games I beat in 2017: #8 Blaster Master Zero

I don't think I ever completed the original Blaster Master. I knew that even numbered bosses could be taken out by dropping a bomb and pausing. Thanks whatever Tips ’n Tricks book I got that out of. But the North American release had limited continues, and I could never make it far enough without dying the limited number of times. Apparently the original Japanese version did not have this restriction. My guess is that it had something to do with renting laws differing between Japan and America.

Anyway, on to the new.

Zero is a nice remake. It feels like the original but adds some new things. There is a refilling energy bar that is used for the sub-weapons, so no worrying about picking up the right items or any of that. There are a lot more sub-weapons than the original, and Jason himself even gets a variety of bombs to use.

There are a lot more bosses and sub-bosses, even (Well, this is a spoiler.) bosses fought while riding around in the tank. Yup. That caught me off guard. But it was a nice addition and fun to play.

Save-points have also been added, so the stress of keeping enough lives and continues to finish the game is gone. That works for me now. I’d argue that Jason’s final gun upgrade is too strong, and since there’s an optional item that prevents the first damage Jason takes from knocking down his gun upgrades, as long as you can dodge pretty well you can keep the powerful gun.

It wasn't as hard as the original, but it wasn't too easy. There’s a lot more story in-game this time, but it's nothing to go crazy over. It wasn't so much that it bothered me, though. All in all nice game to enjoy on the Switch.