Goodbye, Magikarp

Goodbye, Magikarp

This was a quick flirtation with an app.

I had seen pictures of Pokémon: Magikarp Jump on Twitter. Mostly it was silly puns, but they made me laugh. Who’d make a game about Magikarp, I thought. I wondered how long until it would be pulled down.

But The Pokémon Company made it.

That’s pretty awesome. It’s adorable and poking fun at part of Pokémon. Of course, it's a… Honestly, I am so out of the gaming world right now that I don't know if there is a term for this kind of game. Freemium? Puzzle-and-Dragons-esque? You know the type. You can only do so much so often. And that’s the game. Sure, make a pathetic Pokémon jumping competition, add in decorations for your “pond”, a couple different kinds of currency, levels to level-up and you've got a game.

It wastes time. It’s cute.

I deleted it.

It’s fine. It really is. But wasting time what I want to be doing? There is a part of me that feels like I have to stay “in” with the gaming world, but another, aging I assume, part of me just doesn't care. I suppose a few hours lost to a little game isn't the worst thing I have done. Playing another game is no different. Except for how I feel in the end.

And perhaps that is worth caring about.

Sorry, Magikarp.