Goodbye, Marvel Unlimited

Canceled my subscription to Marvel Unlimited. It was a neat service, but I don't have the time and should not be spending the money right now.

Marvel’s site fucking sucks. For whatever reason it was loading slow as hell during the whole process. To cancel your account you have to first say why, then on a separate (also slow) page enter your password to confirm.

I didn't have a password.

Even though I use a password manager, I just used their option for signing in via Google. I'm not up to date on whether that is a problem, but it's what I did a year ago.

So you don't have a password. I set one in the account, log out and try to sign in. It rejects my information. I submit a password request and they let me know my account name. Which wasn’t my email address. Why do places still do this?

By the way, I wrote this whole thing while the pages were loading to perform my cancellation. I have no idea why Marvel’s site is so slow. Japan, maybe? I could browse other sites fine and download stuff while Marvel just chugged along.