People chang9ing plans on me at the last minute bugs me more than it probably should. I suppose I just like having things decided and the sudden "freedom" throws me in a spin. I like planning things out.

I suppose I made the best of the day. Grabbed lunch with a friend. Took the train so I got to play some games. Played Kamiko on the Switch. I've completed the game three times now, once with each character. Pretty fun. I could see this being a game people like speed running. Not sure if I could do it. Action's not really my thing.

Booted up Zelda. Was stuck on a dungeon. Still not a fan of this game. Not sure why I keep trying and don't just sell it while the buyback price is good. Stubborness, I suppose.

I did have my 3DS with me as well, which I suppose is excessive. Played a bit of the first Mega Man game for the Gameboy. Surprisingly hard. I abused the savestates. No shame. I'd rather redo a part time and time again until I get it right with a bit of leeway. Hey, the technology is there.

And that's Golden Week. We are done. Now it's time for the long stretch of no days off and students slowly dreaming of Summer Vacation and not wanting to be in school. Probably the toughest time of the year. I've done it nine times before, though. It'll get done.