Went to get ramen with a group of Magic players. I feel extra sleepy now.

I went to two tournaments today. Don't feel like I did that well. First was an eight person Grand Prix Trial. Limited. Six packs. I hardly got any creatures. Any two color combination gave me twelve or thirteen characters and not the best spells. So three colors it was. I tried to balance the best I could, but I got screwed hard. I did at least take round one so I got three extra prize packs. Woo.

Then I got me some lunch (delicious curry) and headed off to another tournament. Lots of driving. Lots of podcast listening. I think it clears my head.

I made some tweaks to my deck from FNM but it just wasn't working. Well, I had some mana screw as well. Just some bad hands that I figured could curve all right if I hit a land drop. And the chances should be good! But they weren't. Perhaps mulligans are something I need to work on. Or maybe it's just time for a different deck.

Super sleepy. Ramen is salty and salty sleep is beckoning me.