Random thoughts for 2017.05.05

Golden Week has ended. Well, not really, but the extra days off are over with. I am glad that I get them and that my job doesn't hve any "emergency" situations that would make me lose my vacation days. Godd stuff.

Sadly, I haven't been feeling that well. Spent most of the days in bed, feeling awful. Although I did get up enough energy to take the boy bowling. He even threw the ball on his own this time. As opposed to using the ramp-thing that they have for kids.

Even though I haven't been feeling "well" I don't think I'm sick. I have a hunch it's exhaustion from everything going on lately. So I made my way out to Friday Night Magic.

The banning of Felidar Guardian meant I needed a new deck. And that I was playing something I was unexperienced with. Well, I took white out of Four Color Saheeli, put in 4 Glorybringer, two more mana dorks in the form of Channeler Initiate. Fiddled with the mana a little bit.

It went okay. I lost to Sultai Control which just had answers for everything and then was recurring any Torrential Gearhulk I destroyed. I beat a black deck that was trying to use delirium. Then I lost 1-2 to a Red-White deck that was just playing a bunch of good stuff. I scryed with the new Nissa a few good times but couldn't find anything to close out the game. So I lost. Oh well. It happens.

The deck feels interesting and using Saheeli Rai to copy a Glorybringer is gross. Plus, her scry along with Nissa can lead to some interesting interactions. The deck just needs something else other than Whirler Virtuoso and Rogue Refiner. There might not be anything else though. Perhaps it is time to look elsewhere. It was an interesting night, at least.

Then I drove home. I drove the speed limit. This pissed off two cars who sped past me at a red light, running it. Thankfully there was no accident, but I find it hard to believe that it was that important to get past me in a non-passing area, while running a red light. But they wanted to get somewhere fast.