Finished watching Riverdale. It was... Frustrating. I know teenagers are annoying at times. That made it hard to watch. Perhaps it was remembering doing stupid things myself. Perhaps it was the show being a bit corny from time to time. But, hey. Give me a decent mystery and I'm there.

Comparisions to Twin Peaks could be made. I got that vibe. I have no love for the comics this is based off of. Just the passing cultural knowledge. But it sure did a few good cliffhangers. I don't regret watching it, even if I had to turn the volume down for some of the singing segments. I still get embarrassed for others. Weird how that happens.

The Fiesta is fast approaching. I'm getting ready. I'll never not be nervous, though. I want people to enjoy this event. They seem to quite like it. You never want to let your fans down. Ha. I have fans. That's hard to believe. But everyone enjoying the Fiesta is what really makes it. I just write some code and run some MYSQL. But we all have fun. And that's a nice thing.