Games I beat in 2017: #4 & #5 Hidden my Game by Mom 1 & 2

They are free games. Here, I’ll even link you to the first one and its sequel.

The developer has a few other games out which are equally quirky, but these two are the best. They are absolutely worth completing because the endings are so worth the time spent.

Unfortunately, since the games are free you know there’s a catch. And that is the occasional fullscreen ad. Or animated ad that “has” to play out. I put that in quotes because a tap in the upper lefthand corner closes it out. Hidden close mark, I suppose. I can't blame the developer. It’s hard to make money off your games. I know that first hand.

These two games are “tap on the things to see what they do” mechanics-wise, but they rely on quirky humor to make its simplicity all the more fun. Your mother has hidden your gaming device. Where is it? It could be as easy as opening a drawer, or as complex as finding a string of items to solve a devious puzzle.

This leads to lots of game overs. But you want the game overs sometimes because they are humorous. Sometimes I walked right into a trap and as soon as I saw it I laughed. How could I not? It was so obvious and yet worth it.

A bit of “brute forcing” gets you through any puzzle that doesn't make sense. Only so much screen to tap on. But nearly all of them “make sense”.

I'm writing this up months after playing it, but I still smile thinking about it. They are worth your time. And you might even earn the dev half a cent.