Games I beat in 2017 #3: Hotline Miami 2

This one took a while. The macOS version would crash at the end of some levels. Why? It was looking for data in a folder. The Steam folder. I had the GOG version. As you can imagine, things did not work out well.

There is this level on a boat. And it is a long level. And I would beat it. And when I would go to finish it, the game would crash. And since almost every level in Hotline Miami has this “get out” part, the level isn't over until it is over. And the level would crash before saving my progress.

I liked the first one a lot. It took me a while to beat, but it was bizarre and twitchy. Hyperviolent, sure. Made me feel a bit awkward to be playing it? Sure. That seemed to be the point. And it stuck with me. That awkward feeling. I shouldn't be enjoying this. Yet in some way I am.

The sequel had some of that but there was an extra layer of frustration. Part of it was the bugs, but then you have some sequelitis going on. It wanted to be “bigger and better” but that went into the map design. Hotline Miami had tight maps that I did my best to learn as soon as possible. 2 had these wide maps that made it feel like I was getting shot from a distance without anything I could do about it. Was the game trying to make me feel helpless?

I checked in on the game once in a while. I found out someone fixed the bugs. It turned out I didn't have much left to complete. But I was already down on the game and the remaining levels didn't change much of that.