Negating the competition

So I was looking at the lists of the top performing decks at the PT. I noticed that Negate would counter anywhere from 8 to 16 of the cards in the majority of the decks.

So, do I up from 2 Negates main deck to 4?

Now, Copy Cat runs other counters.Disallow hits anything and has its other uses, but is 3 mana. Revolutionary Rebuff doesn't hit artifacts and gets worse as time goes on.

I tried searching for some math on this, but was coming up with nothing. But the deck has Harnessed Lightning and Immolating Glare (which I think should go up to 3 from 2) to deal with the creatures. upping Negate to 3-of or even 4-of seems like a solid way to deal with the both Mardu Vehicles and GB. If it is time for the combo to go off, it’s some of the cheapest protection that you could ask for. Other than Dispel, but Negate hitting planeswalkers and artifacts. Artifacts which are often vehicles. Negate seem like a good deal.

Dealing with a resolved Gideon was the biggest issue I had outside of pure aggro smashing at me. And the side has an extra Fumigate and Radiant Flames for aggro.

This is all just thoughts which I’ll be putting to the test over this weekend. Aether Revolt Game Day is this weekend, so I’ll see how Copy Cat performs. I expect even Japan will hop on the Mardu Vehicles train.