Grand Prix Shizuoka Trial 2017.02.05

Grand Prix Shizuoka Trial 2017.02.05

Spolier: I won.

It ended up only being an eight person tournament. This meant only single elimination rounds. One loss and I get some packs at least. Well, roughly $15 for a pack if I lose round one. Two if I lose round two. I think it was six packs for coming in second and eight for first? Something like that.

But I won round one versus Jeskai Dynavolt control. Then I won round two versus Black-White control. Then my final opponent said that all he wanted was packs. I asked if I could have one. He agreed. The pack was nothing, but now I have two byes for Grand Prix Shizuoka.

I was lucky today. Game one was a lot of back and forth until I attempted the Copy Cat combo to lure out some counter spells. I ran my opponent down on resources and began beating with a Torrential Gearhulk. Game two he just didn’t draw land. That sucks. But last week I lost by only drawing land. Such is Magic. Perhaps there is more to these losses and wins, but often I am not able to see it.

Round two I the effectiveness of Gifted Aetherborn surprised me. It kept things at bay and made it tough for me to just get in Gearhulk beats. Removal plus Gearhulk beats did win out.

I missed a few things. I dropped Gideon, Ally of Zendikar with a Gearhulk out against a tapped out opponent. All I had to do was make the Emblem and win. I still won, but that was a silly mistake. I am not used to using Gideon.

I also forgot the Oath of Jace trigger several times. I did the same thing in GP Chiba with Delver of Secrets. I need to get in a habit of putting a die on top of my deck to remember upkeep triggers.

I didn't use the combo once in my four games, but who can complain. I just need to practice the deck a lot, especially against Mardu Vehicles, before the Grand Prix.

Assuming Felidar Guardian remains unbanned.