Casual Standard 2017.02.02

I am gullible.

Or Mulder-like as in I want to believe. Nah, let’s go with gullible. I let my opponents string me along in Magic. Even if they don't think they are doing it. Or maybe they are. I don't mean to insult anyone’s intelligence. Except my own.

Standard last night was six people.

Here is what I brought.

(The name Copy Cat has stuck but oh how I want to call it Frosted Flakes. Oh well. I smell a cat-ban soon.)

Half of us were on Copy Cat. One third of the group was playing a Black-Green variant. The last lone feller was playing an Esper Improvise deck. When I beat him round two, that was his second loss to Copy Cat. I didn't combo him out, though. I just had Gearhulk beats game one and Gideon beats game two.

I think my control play is improving.

The guy seemed frustrated by having lost to the same deck twice. I get that. So he dropped. I wish he didn't. Now, if my round one opponent had won, I’d have played round 3. He did not so I got a bye. Hoo-ray. I love paying money to not play Magic. The store clerk gave me a promo card as an apology.

I love Japan.

Looking at my round notes, I noticed a few things. I was not good at writing down Saheeli Rai pings. I would often scry and then forget. Now, the proper order for Saheeli is to scry and ping. This can matter in cases of redirecting the damage to Planeswalkers. But I was just flat out forgetting to write down my opponent taking damage. Not good.

I also believe I forgot the Oath of Jace upkeep trigger. That’s right. The card is more than just “Draw three, discard two.” That upkeep scry is important. Especially with Saheeli or Nahiri on the board because that means more digging.

I also countered a Spell Queller when I shouldn't have.

I love the card’s name in Japanese. 呪文捕らえ (Jumon-torae) which one could translate as “Spell Captor”. Now, the English name sounds better than “Spell Captor”. But the “torae" part kind of sounds like “try” when said fast. And I always loved it as “Jumon-try” or in my head, “Try and cast that spell!”

Anyway, I digest.

I cast Saheeli. Opponent has five mana. I have a Disallow. Opponent casts Spell Queller on my Saheeli. I Disallow it. What was I thinking? With a hand full of cards my opponent counters the Disallow with a Dispel. Untap, upkeep, draw. He plays land number six and does the combo. Cats all up in my face.

Why did I try to counter the Queller? I was at twenty. I could have handled the Queller some other way. Then I would have had Saheeli. Plus, he would have had to protect that Queller hard or I could combo. Alas, I fell into a trap of my own mind. I did not need Saheeli then. She just would have been nice. Should have played it slower.