Crushing Finality

I have been translating with one company for two years. I was lucky. I hold no ill will to the work drying up. That’s the freelance gig. But it came as a shock. I was lucky because they helped me out at the perfect time. But now I do not know how much work I will get from them. So if you happen to know of places that need freelance Japanese to English translators, hi.

Now to return to rambling about Magic: The Gathering!

The reason I bring this news up is that I had a stressful day at work on Tuesday so I figured I'd relax by playing some Modern. Well, I got the unfortunate email a bit before the tournament started. So I was in a bit of a weird mood, but I found myself focused on the games of Magic. I won rounds one and two without much stress. Round one was against a new-seeming player with his own mill deck. It was pretty brutal to lose 13 to 26 cards in a turn due to Archive Trap. But he didn't have the resources to deal with my beats and I took him out in two games. Plus, Snapcaster Mage and Gurmag Angler like full graveyards.

Round two was Jund. I just played the Delver game hard and finished him off. Game two was a bit more interesting after siding because I decided to take out Delver of Secrets. He sided to defeat Delver, though. This gave him a hand of useless removal while Tasigur, the Golden Fang and an Angler tore him apart.

Round three I drew lots of lands. Lots of lands. I could have dropped a Snapcaster Mage recuring nothing to kill an early Geist of Saint Traft. I should have. It might have bought me some time. But I shocked my opponent when around turn 8 I played a Delver. See, I had lots of lands. He thought I was on control. Game two was similar, although I don't think I made a mistake. I just didn't draw anything to go with my counters other than cantrips and land.

And that left me feeling how I felt about my translation gig. Helpless. But I can take actions. I already did today and have found a little bit of work. I do hope one day I just have one thing I’m doing to pay all my bills. But it doesn’t feel like that’s how the world works these days.