Games I beat in 2017: #2 Anodyne

What a weird game. What a beautiful game. Anodyne feels like a Legend of Zelda game made by those who wanted you to question why video games are things.

I have a haunting feeling that I already wrote about this. I can't find the blog post. Was it a lost draft? I cannot find that either, and I am usually good about keeping track of those sort of things.

That haunting feeling sums up Anodyne. It feels familiar, but new. It’s some sort of dream that’s halfway towards being a nightmare but you've already woken up. Or have you? It’s a movie cliche except you're enjoying yourself. Until you're not sure what exactly is going on.

It breaks my heart that a dull game like Undertale can get so popular while a little gem like this passes by unnoticed. Well, for me at least until I get gifted a copy for Xmas.

If you like Zelda games (And I mean real ones, not the 3D disasters.) then I suggest you play this. You will enjoy yourself.