Game Day 2: 2017.02.11

It is a fucking holiday in Japan and I am going to play me some Magic, dammit.

I decided I needed a break from Jeskai Copy Cat and would play the Black and Green Aggro deck at the evening Game Day. I was going to need coffee for that one, though, as it started at 7pm and was going to run for five rounds and then cut to Top 8.

So for my sleep, Top 8 would not be ideal.

Round 1: ¿Superfriends? 2-0
I have no idea what this guy was going for with his deck. Is that insulting? I apologize. He had mana issues both games. He hardly cast any spells except for a Yahenni's Expertise game to kill two of my creatures. He then removed Winding Constrictor with Lost Legacy. I'm not sure Lost Legacy was good choice here. The beats I am delivering come in the way of Verdurous Gearhulk and Walking Ballista. Not that those can be selected, but that’s the point.

I only saw his deck thanks to Gonti. I pulled two black removal spells (Ruinous Path and Grasp of Darkness) game one. Then two Planeswalkers (Jace, Unraveler of Secrets and Ob Nixilis Reignited) game two. I played his cards against him. Gonti's good. Real good.

Round 2: UB Control 2-0
This was a nail. biter. Game 1 I just went nuts with Snakes and Ballistas. Then I stole a Disallow with Gonti. Then he tried to cast a Gearhulk. Whoops. I had his counter. Game me. Game two he had two Torrential Gearhulk when I hit him with a Transgress the Mind. But he also had Yahenni's Expertise. Not good for my board. Especially knowing he was packing Liliana. So I took that and tried making a board. He cleared me out and was beating me with the Gearhulk until I drew a Pokédex. Then it was on. That scry is amazing. I had all the lands I needed. I just kept drawing creatures and playing lands, drawing cards. Filled my hand back up and took over. Keeping watch for when an Expertise could waste me. But it didn't happen. I just kept stealing stuff from him.

Round 3: UR Control 2-1
Game one I did the thing. Game two was painful. He used Shock, Harness Lightning and counters on everything I played. I topdecked land. Didn't see a single Pokédex. Game three I did, but he countered it. He couldn't find red after his mulligan and I just took advantage with Energy Bob and a Servant of the Conduit. Push, push, push. Although I did not play a Fatal Push except for game 1.

Round 4: BG Aggro ID We figured the numbers out and it seemed like we'd both get in if we drew. So we did. I played the games but didn't think about my mulligans game three. How would had the match been on the line? I'm not sure.

Round 5: BG Aggro 1-2 I made a real big mistake here in game 3. I played a land before using the draw from the Ob Nixilis I stole. I ended up drawing a Swamp. This would have let me put in a Walking Ballista at 3 which could have killed their Tireless Tracker. It would have been at 1 to ready to receive glory from a Verdurous Gearhulk the next turn. I should have killed the Tireless Tracker even if I didn't draw that land. They just put my Gearhulk on the bottom of my deck and swung into Ob. It went downhill from there. Games 1 and 2 were many similar games from today, just beneficial for either one of us.

So 3-1-1. Should be enough to get into Top 8. And I was in fourth! So I got to pick to go first in the top 8.

Top 8: UR Control 1-2
And we have the reverse of the last time I faced this guy. Game one just got away from me, game two I took it quickly. Then I got screwed with mana.

Would I play the deck again? Heck yeah. It’s fun and Gonti is a champ.