Game Day 2017.02.11

Decided to play Jeskai Copy Cat for this event. I liked the three Immolating Glare I had put in, but was not a fan of the lack of removal for aggro, so -1 mainboard Negate, back down to 2 and then +1 Raidant Flames.

Round 1: Jund Vehicles 2-0
Got the combo both games. Lost one Saheeli to a shock but was able to recover by digging for another one when they tapped out. Both games were just looking for the opportunity to combo. Having Negate for Fleetwheel Cruiser was great. Saved Saheeli and let me combo next turn.

Round 2: Abzan Landfall Aggro 2-1
I'm not entirely sure what was going on here, but game three he overran me with Battle for Zendikar block enchantments that created 1/1s on landfalls and pumped creatures and did all sorts of things. Game three I managed to Gideon to face. The packing of Ballistas in this plus expecting some sort of dicard made me side into the Jeskai control variant, and that seemed to take out the board pretty well. This is a fine exampel of paying attention to board states. I put down the wrong land and was unable to cast Tireless Tracker on a Tireless Tracker that basically took game 2 for them with all the drawing they got out of it.

Round 3: Black Red Aggro 1-2
Oh, I digged. But then game three was a mulligan down to five and I just could not keep up with the recurring Scrapheap Scrounger. Fucking sucked. I sided in the Angel package to hopefully delay the game and get some life back. Didn't see them. Did see Gideon, who got his ass blasted. Perhaps I should not have dropped him without extra mana to protect him. That was a mistake. I could have probably lived a bit longer and maybe even won. But going down to five I got cranky and had already resigned myself to the loss. Bad mindset.

Round 4: Red White Humans
I felt bad for my opponent. I saw him earlier in the day and he seemed normal. By round four he wasn't speaking. Just pointing and making grunts. He squeaked out "Humans" after playing a Metallic Mimic. It seems he had some sort of pain in his mouth. He didn't seem entirely focused and drew poorly, or at least he seemed frustrated by his draws.
Both games ended with me doing the combo after draining his hand out with various Gearhulk beats.

Top 4: Four Color Green Goodstuff?
I don't know how to describe this deck. Other than it smashed me. Gideon, Avacyn, Walking Ballista, Sylvan Advocate, Felidar Guardian. I actually give on up on tagging that stuff. Way too much. That sounds mostly white and green, but there were red and blue lands of which I don't quite know he was doing. I didn't see it, but he didn't need it. Game one I open with a Gearhulk, two Anticipates, two lands a Glimmer of Genius and an Immolating Glare. So, hey, I think. This isn't bad. I play. Topdeck a land on turn three. Feeling good. Dig with thoser Anticipates. See a lot of Glimmers of Genius. Do not see land. Get stuck at four and while I can kill one or two things, he drops his sixth land with a Sylvan Advocate, I try to blow it up and he plays Avacyn. I scoop.
Should I have? I was at 13. He had a Ballista at 2, and was hitting me for a total of ten. I could have cast a Glimmer but then he would not have dropped Avacyn. So even if I got a fifth land and Fumigate, I was done for. Bad beats. It happens.
Game two went a bit longer but he plays a Rishkar and he almost plusses Rishkar, but then stops himself and plusses two creatures that don't have summoning sickness. I should have counted his land. Guess what he had next turn when I played Fumigate? If you guessed Avacyn, then you are right. I was without anything to counter Avacyn and his board was going to do me in next turn. This time I had no choice but to scoop.

Prize packs were Top Tier Garbage. The promo cards look cool, though.

I need to remember to look at my opponent's cards a bit more. I have gotten into a habit of asking how many cards are in their hand, but I am not counting mana often enough and thinking "What is their out?" instead of freaking out about what mine is.

But hell, I made top four in Game Day. Plus I won a GPT last week. My Magic playing is clearly imrpoving.

I hate Anticipate. For some reason I originally thought the card was put one in hand, one on the bottom and one on the top. That might be nice. There are times where it would be not nice. But always having to shove the other two cards on the bottom is not good fun.

Disallow does not feel great as I can deal with creatures that hit the board in other ways and I want to deal with them interrupting my board or trying to drop things. I may go down to 0 on this. Increase Radiant Flames main and go up on to a 3 Negates and 4 Immolating Glares. Immolating Glare has been great. Would Disallow have stopped Avacyn? Oh yes. Did I have Disallow or three mana at that time? I did not. So, I don't know what the answer is. More thinking? I did have Linvala, the Preserver in hand. I could have played that, had a Gearhulk, her and her angel buddy and then he likely would have slammed into me and dropped Avacyn to save his creatures. Then I could have wiped the board. Ah, hastiness. And hindsight being 20-20.