Digging with the Pokédex

So there is an Early Friday Night Magic at the one store I like going to.

I usually try other decks out during this. Tonight I played this.[^ Sorry for those of you not SSG subscribers. I think the deck is in the paid part.] It's not as competitive and a smaller group. Tonight was four people, so I played everyone once. I went 2-0-1. And the draw was because game two took a long time against control.

But Lifecrafter's Beastiary is absolutely nuts against control. [footnote]Did you know it was called Pokédex during testing? So awesome.[/footnote] Scry every turn? Draw a card for every creature you cast for G? Yeah, the control deck countered my creature. Boo-hoo. I replaced it for G. G! It is ridiculous.

All three decks were control variants. Game one I usually took it with pure speed and then game two I took out the slower stuff in the deck and went with a package of 3 Beastiaries, discard and artifact destruction. And if game three did not go to time during round 2, I feel like I would have gone 3-0. But I still got first place in the little tournament and it felt good. Real good.

In fact, I'm not sure if I want to run Copy Cat during Game Day. Well, I managed to schedule so I can go on both Saturday and Sunday, so maybe I'll go practice Copy Cat Saturday and then play GB Aggro depending on how I am feeling on Sunday.