Goals completed in 2017 and goals for 2018

I’m looking at my goal list for 2017 and it was this:

  • Get divorced: Success. And I’m happier for it.
  • Travel to America (with boy if possible): Failed. Money issues prevented this, plus I totaled my car and had to get a new one.
  • Finish 20 games: Success: While I did do this, it calmed down by the end of the year. Nothing in August (Which is summer vacation…) Nothing in October or December. Lots of quick little games.
  • Watch 10 movies: Success. Thanks Netflix. And having a child who wants to go see stuff like Cars 3.
  • Read 5 books: Failed. Only read three. Dick Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living (which did not help me do that), and Next Level Magic, which gave me some ideas but I am not sure if that helped my game that much.
  • Blog 183 times (once every other day): Failed. 131 blog posts total (including this one). January, April, and March were pretty bland for me. I got a kick mid August but just kind of petered out around December. I worry that I have nothing to say, and that writing to write is bad, although I suppose it isn't if you want to write? I did learn I should do it early in the day if i want to actually do it.
  • Stream twice a week (104 times): Failed. Only 68 times and definitely not twice a week. I learned that I am scared to stream. Or rather, I am scared to start streaming. Once I do it is fine, but there is a part of me (I’m guessing it's tied to the depression?) that makes starting a stream seem like an enormous task. Once I do it, though? I enjoy it a lot. So I need to remind myself to take the pressure off.
  • Add login to the Fiesta: Success. I did do this in time. I have more things I want to generally improve about the Fiesta page but let's not all be negative. I set one specific goal (Twitter login) and I did it.
  • Push EPIC to near complete: Failure. I barely touched the game. I did release another game when I challenged myself to make a game in one day. It's a text adventure and it was an interesting experiment. I did work on EPIC, but I just am at a point where I feel like the game is mostly finished engine wise, I just have to do the content. Which is hard.

So, four out of nine. One failure was due to unforeseen money situations. What can you do? The others? I made an honest try or learned something from my failures. So let's set up 2018.

Work Stuff

  • Keep applying to new jobs. Note that the goal is not to get a new job. But I want to keep pushing myself to see what I need to get hired somewhere.
  • Find another translation source. I have two companies I work for, and they keep me busy, but maybe they won’t next year. Can't blame them at all. Things happen. Freelance is feast or famine. I need to at least be able to say no to work instead of have no work to take.
  • Spend two hours a week on EPIC. My goal last year was too vague and led to not much. If my goal is to sit down and spend thirty minutes four days a week, that is something.
  • Finish secret project. I started another game and got it mostly done. I just haven't worked on it. Perhaps this is too vague. Let's say one hour a week on it.

Fun Stuff

  • Complete twenty games.
  • Watch ten movies.
  • Read five books
  • Travel to America (with boy is possible)

These three are the same for a simple reason: I want to make sure I have fun and expand myself in different ways. It is hard to be creative when you lack input. And I need the input. The America trip is looking likely, outside of a job change impacting that. My parents want to put money towards it, his mother wants him to go and help put money towards it, so this seems doable.

Output Stuff

  • Blog every other day (183 times). I almost got this, and learned that I write more in the morning than I do at night.
  • Stream twice a week (104 times). This also seems more doable if I wake up early and just do a little stream. Or just put it on a schedule because I found while I am scared of it, I can do it once I start. I need to step up.


  • Get in the habit of getting up with my alarm. This is going to be hard because I have been in the habit of waking up and rolling right back into bed. I think this may involve moving my iPhone charging point so I cannot just turn off the alarm without leaving my bed.
  • Snack less. I have been in the habit of grabbing snacks after Magic tournaments. I get that my brain is eager for some stimulation, but I need to pick my foods better.
  • Keep up daily lifting and sit-ups. This has been pretty good due to the Streaks app, but sometimes I half ass it. Especially late at night.

Magic Stuff

  • Play more Magic Online and Magic Arena. I put some money into Magic Online, but for some reason I am afraid of playing. Maybe it's fear of losing, fear of making mistakes. But that is the only way I will get better. I got into the Magic Arena beta, but I have only loaded it a few times because I am afraid of the outcome. I can't let this silly fear stop me. This is a game.
  • Tilt less. Yes, I seem to get “mana screwed” more than other people. (People have pointed this out to me.) Maybe I need to shuffle more or differently, or maybe I just need to stop worrying about it and play the game. This will be very hard.
  • Play slower, think more. This ties in with the last one. I tilt, then I just start doing shit and then the second I do realize what a mistake it is. If I play slower and think more, I should make more improvements.
  • Day two a GP. I did this twice in 2017, but I want to do it again in 2017. Especially with team events, so this will take practice.
  • Win a PPTQ. This might be harder as I generally don't get to many, but I want to win one and actually go to an RPTQ.
  • Play more casually. This ties in with social anxiety, but I’ll often be at a store where we are waiting for a tournament to begin or one has ended and we're just hanging out but I am scared to ask someone for casual matches. This ties into the Magic Online and Arena situation as well.


  • Organize Magic collection. It has gotten messy.
  • Go through the closet of crap. Holy shit, I just started putting stuff in this closet and it is not good.

Okay, that's a lot, but typing it out has me feeling good. Let's see what I can accomplish in 2018. Best of luck to you, too.