Merry Xmas

Being divorced with a child is hard. I feel like I pulled a dick move in getting my son a gift he wanted so bad he mentioned it in his English presentation. But his mother didn’t want him to have it.

It was a 2DS.

I bought the 2DS and Super Mario 3D Land. The store had free wrapping. The joy he experienced opening that gift was outstanding.

But that’s not what I’ll remember.

Xmas isn’t as big a thing in Japan as it was to my family. But I still want it to be special with me and my son. We went and got lunch after he finished his Kumon.

I let him play the 2DS during the drive.

In ten years he’ll be worrying about high school. Maybe college after that. We may end up separated by oceans. Who knows.

But I’ll never forget that scream of joy when he cleared a stage for the first time. He was so happy. And hat was worth every yen.