Monthly Modern Masters Finals 2017

Kansai is an interesting place to live. It's not Tokyo, so it's not as big, and everything is a bit more spread out. So the fact that there are people who work to organize more Modern and Legacy events is awesome.

Today was the Finals. I hadn't had the chance to go to many of these events, as they are usually on Saturday which I tend to spend with my son. But we'll be spending a lot of time together these holidays, so I swapped some stuff around to go to this tournament.

I wasn't ready.

I probably should have played some Delver variant like I have for most of the past year. But there's been some Four Color Saheeli stuff going on, and I love the Copy Cat combo too much that I wanted to try it in Modern.

It's... not bad, but it feels like it is missing something. Maybe it's too "fair". It might just be too slow. Then again when you catch someone with their pants down, you have a turn three infinite number of cats.

I went 3-5, but I didn't go 0-2 many of those rounds. The only 0-2 round was versus Dredge, which just got me good.

It's amazing how open the format is. Eight rounds and I only played the same deck twice. Scapeshift. Other than that it was a Collected Company Walls deck, Dredge, Red/Black Aggro Discard, Ponza, Mardu Control, and Living End. It's quite hard to play against so many types of decks.

I somehow avoided Tron and Jeskai Tempo. No control, really, except for a Mardu control. But I can get by if you're not countering my shit.

It was a fun deck and I think I will keep playing around with it, but if I want to be serious in Modern, I just don't think this is the deck for me to play. There's so much people are abusing and I don't get to abuse that much.

Well, sometimes I drop a Siege Rhino and Eldritch Evolution into a Kiki-Jiki. That was always fun.