The Burn

One good thing about my teaching job is I don't have a choice.

I don't get to say "No, we're not having a lesson." I have a lesson, it has to be done here and now. The students are waiting, it's time to act.

Deadlines are good.

It's why I have so many games that are "in-progress" on my computer. I don't have a deadline. My translation work? Deadlines. Gotta get that done. Gotta get paid. My games? No deadline. Just work when I feel like it. Release whenever. A hobby.

I'm so tired.

I was translating 7000+ characters a day for a while now and now that my current workload is lower (because I finished a few tasks and accidentally did too much work on some projects because I forgot to adjust a schedule, a measly 2000 character day seems daunting right now. But I am tired.

I also don't feel like getting up out of bed in the morning. So I made myself do so today and just streamed a match of standard on MTGO. I got crushed by white tokens. I would say that mulliganning twice game one reduced my chances and not seeing a fourth land many turns into game two hurt as well. You can only keep up so much. I should have grabbed differently with Gonti when I did grab that fourth land, but I was thinking about getting that fifth land and not thinking about what if I didn't.

That was a mistake.

But it felt good to stream a bit in the morning even if I didn't get a lot of viewers or do it for a long time. Just doing something instead of lying in bed waiting for the time where I have to get up or I won't make it to work on time.

The classes need to be taught.

I'm also writing this blog post early in the morning instead of waiting until night where I'm "totally sure I'll write something" but then again will I really? My statistics that I have been tracking say that no, I will not.

So let's try being a morning person. I used to do it. I could do it again. Maybe?

What's the worst thing that could happen?