I have had Johnny Cash's version of Hurt stuck in my head for the past few days.

In part I would like to think there is something significant about me turning thirty-five, but it is just another day of the year. I treated myself to some packs of Magic. I know it's not the most cost efficient way, but there is that dopamine hit when opening a pack. Maybe it's an addiction thing. I know to limit myself though. And what is life without the occasional bit of self-spoiling.

What was that quote my Agent Cooper? Do something nice for yourself every day? Don't plan it. Just do it. Well. I got lucky and pulled three Vraskas. For a card that's rising in price, I did pretty well statistically. That won't always happen, of course. I need to remember that so I'm not pulling the slots over and over again as it were.

I wish my luck was as good when playing the game. Well, no. I make mistakes. I am learning that. I am still bad at resisting tilt when I draw the fourth land in a row when just anything to interact with my opponent would be good.

Gotta work on not tilting. Gotta work on just enjoying play and slowly getting better. Getting angry won't get me there.