I hurt myself yesterday

My feet hurt.

New shoes. They are slightly too big. They rubbed against the back of my feet. I walked from Umeda to Namba. My socks had blood on them.

I used to wear size 13. Shoe sizes are changing or I am shrinking. Is this age? These size 12 shoes are slightly too big. I should have been more careful but after taking a stack of foil cards I am never going to use to Hareruya (and getting much less than I had hoped) I decided to "save money" and walk back to where my son was.

The south side of Osaka. I was in the north.

Exercise, sure, but my feet hurt this morning. I am actually awake at 6 AM now simply because I fell asleep basically as soon as I got home last night and have been struggling to "sleep" since 4:30.

My feet hurt.