I was feeling a bit... stir-crazy today. I am not on break yet, but just another night at home did not feel right. And I am feeling better what with my cold mostly gone. So I went to Osaka.

Browsed some card shops in Osaka. It's amazing how some places can have cards for significantly less than others. But the same shop will have a different card for so much more than the shop that had the first card for a higher price. I don't know what dictats this, but I do get some enjoyment from browsing around for the best deal.

Anyway, one shop had a 7:30 tournament so I wandered back there before registration. No one showed up.

A year ago, Hareruya opened up a store in Osaka. This is one of the bigger Magic stores and they focus just on Magic, so it is pretty nice to have the store here. But they opened in northern Osaka, far away from most of the competition.

But the players seem to have gone there. Which may not be a problem for those who live in or near Osaka, but for me that means I cannot make my last train home. So no weekday tournaments at Hareruya. Unless I am driving to Osaka, and I think not. Look up prices of Japanese expressways sometime. Yikes.

That is fine. I still enjoyed my time in Den Den Town, had some good curry and made it home early to get some sleep. I do have a Kefka at Narshe race early tomorrow.

Still, kind of wanted to play some Magic.