You can tell how busy I am with work just by looking at this blog. If the posts are short, I forgot to write something and did it at the last minute. If there are no posts, I am either sick or working a lot.

This week I was sick and working a lot.

I cannot complain about getting translation work, but damn I got sick and pulled my right shoulder as well and that made this week hell.

Thursday was a holiday so I went to an Iconic Masters draft. Did that again today. Sadly, the prizes were not good on the small draft that I won and did poorly on the big draft. Oh well. I pulled some decent stuff from today's tournament at least so I got my money's worth.

Side note, you can also tell if I feel good about the writing or not if I post it to Twitter or just silently post it and pretend that the post did not happen but actually did write so that I feel good having had dumped out my brain onto the text editor. Yep. Doing stuff with words.

Goodness, I'm tired.