Drafting Iconic Masters

I often wonder what my worst Magic skill is. I win a lot of game ones, but two and three I struggle. So sideboarding could likely be one. I also have trouble with mulligans, especially when a hand is “playable”, even if it doesn’t have a plan.

Iconic Masters released yesterday so my Friday Night Magic did a draft. You kept the rare and foil from the pack (they were returned to you afterwards) to disencourange rare drafting. “Luckily” I opened shit. Well, pack three was a Cryptic Command so I kind of got value out of the draft.

I have played a bunch of limited but have generally done poorly. I went 3-0 last night.

I started with a few good red and green cards, but green dried up fast. I tried looking for White after getting a Lightning Helix, but I noticed white was slim pickings while cheap, red creatures and burn were being passed my way.

My deck was fast. New set and everyone was playing to go big. I just went to kill them with cheap creatures as fast as possible. And it worked. I don’t even think I lost a game.

I don’t know if I improved my drafting skills last night, but I did get a better idea of how to go with the flow of what was being passed my way. And it worked out this time.

Prize was a foil token. Yay. Wizards sure screwed up FNM promos.