Sauce Boss

Went and got wings in Osaka.

¥1500. All you can eat. You get a drink. I had to drive a bit though, so nothing alcoholic for me. That's fine. I wasn't there for the beer.

Good wings. Well done, nice chicken meat. The all-you-can-eat plan lets you choose from five different typs that apparently rotate weekly. This week didn't offer anything I would call a "hot" wing. There was a chilli and lime wing that was on the spicier side, but the rest were just varios flavors. All good. None that I would call my favorite wings, but it was solid.

I'll definitely have to go back and get some straight-up hot wings some night. But ¥1500 all you can eat was good. I had a lot of wings. It's been a while, but I sure put them away.

Let's not think about how many chickens that was.