Team Legacy

Three players versus three players. Three decks. No decks can contain cards that are in the other ones. Go.

The format was Legacy. I was on Grixis Delver. I was lucky enough to find two other people who needed a third. They had MUD and Griselbrand Storm. Nothing really lapsed over. We were good. I practiced Legacy a lot last week.


I went 2-3, my team went 2-3. Sigh. It seems to be my standard record. I lost to BUG Delver, beat Elves, lost to Eldrazi, lost to Miracles and then beat Death and Taxes.

The Elves match has a good story. I'll get into that more tomrorrow.

But it was a fun envent. A little different, and got people playing different things. And it just felt friendlier than a normal tournament. I liked it a lot.

The next Grand Prix in Japan is in Kyoto during March, and I hope I cna find a team for that. It is Team Trios, which means Legacy, Modern and Standard so the overlapping rule is not in place. Still, you can consult with your teammates which is a dynamic that adds quite a bit to the game.

Oh yeah, we needed a team name at the last minute so I said Team Legacy. My teammates went with it and we were the only one who did that silly joke.