Big Mouth

Netflix suggested Big Mouth to me and having watched the ten episodes... I'm not entirely sure who it's for.

Although it features kids going through the harrowing stages of puberty, it takes it at such an adult tone. (Seriously, one of the "Hormone Monsters" rips off the head of an NPR host and then skull-fucks it. Or at least claims to have. You do see the decapitated head, though.

The show is gross, but it is not without it's decent points. It touched on some of the subtleties of sexuality at such a young age. Questioning one’s sexuality. (I grew up in an era where the “common wisdom” was “If you have to ask if you're gay, then you're gay.” Which I just can't agree with.) Dealing with overly pushy partners. Dealing with one’s sexuality and urges while not trying to ruin things with those who are close to you or want to be close to you.

It was a bit of a mess, but so is puberty.

I can't say I liked it all that much. I think Netflix has offered better animation and shows in general. But it was an interesting topic to tackle and I’d probably watch another season. Although I’m not eagerly awaiting one.