Big draftin'

Tonight I did what they called a "Big Draft" where we drafted out of four packs instead of three. This was interesting because everyone's decks felt much more focused and streamlined, but there was still that limited feel to it. I went 1-2, winning the first match with some good games, seecond was lost to some good games, but I got screwed round three the same way.

I really wonder if there is something wrong with my shuffling. I shuffle a lot. But when I am running a deck with a lot of two drops and I open up a hand with several, two lands and then do not see another land for six turns while my opponent is playing out stuff I just can't help but get frustrated.

Then we all pulled from the random prizes and I was the only one to pull three booby prizes. Everyone laughed, but there was a part of me that felt shame. Like I deserved it for being a bad person. I joking tossed them in the trash (They were later retrieved.) I kind of feel bad for doing that now. I was kind of just riding the moment of everyone finding it hilarious that I pulled three of the shittiest card. I mean, I kind of did too, but my reaction was to be "Fuck this!" and now I feel that was rude.

But it was a fun tournament and then I practiced some Modern. I took someone's UR Delver decklist that has a splash of White and it was doing pretty good against Living Dead, although my sideboard need some tweaking. Nonetheless, Chart a Course is good shit.