Random Encounters

On the train ride home from the monthly meet-up, I saw the guy who I talk to whenever I get my oil changed.

This was far from my home. Well. An hour and a half or so. But still not the encounter I was expecting. Oh well.

Talked to a lot of people tonight. Kind of really pushing to find a new job. Some people told me to pass along my resume. I'll do that. Although I am not confident in my resume, as it contains ten years of teaching, I at least have done my translation, my games and the Fiesta. So I have a wide variety of experience. I do not know if it is enough for any company to be like "Hey, we want you." But I gotta keep trying. I know that teaching isn't the job for me. Epspecially for another ten years.

I usually only drink two drinks at this event. Tonight I had two more bought for me. Whoops. Tomorrow is Friday, so that is going to be fun. At least I have Friday Night Magic to look forward to!