The DMV... in Japan!

Back again at the ol' DMV. I still have a nervous gut feeling from the month where I attempted around seven times to get my license upgraded to allow me to drive manual transmissions.

Then I let my car slip off the road and destroy it and end up buying an automatic transmission. Oh well. I got two years out of this car.

But I'm sitting here waiting, and the DMV isn't great in any country, I imagine. (Shut up, Europe. I bet some of you nations got it figured out.)

But we're all just waiting here to be given paperwork so we can fill it out then wait in another line to buy stamps to give at another line to wait in another line and...

There is a stereotype about Japanese people loving to line up, but there has to be something just built into the culture here. I don't get it. There's not just one booth. There's at least five. Okay, sure, separate the photo taking and the payment area, but why can't I have my paperwork filled out already? Why can't it just be there for me to fill out? Now I have to wait, and we all get it at once and then it's a rush, and if I have a question, which I will because I’m the kind of person who wants to make no mistakes whatsoever so I’m overly cautious, but no I have to wait in line. Doesn't matter that I got here earlier, though, because we all have to wait in a waiting area until we can go wait in a line to get ready to wait in another line to wait in the third, fourth, fifth and so on lines.

It is maddening.

Although my experiences of DMVs in New Jersey were no sweeter. Still. Bureaucracy. Trying to make everyone suffer equally. Or more if they hate you for some reason. Jesus, there are still ten minutes until I can line up to get the paper. And there is a sign that says don't line up, but of course people are lining up. Should I line up? Fuck!

Hey. How's your day going?