The Thirty Minute Power Nap

I almost want to set up a security camera on myself just so I know.

Because for the past few months or so I've been feeling tired, thought, "I'll set a thirty minute alarm!" Five hours later I wake up.

Not exactly what was planned.

Perhaps I just need the sleep. I am a growing boy, after all. Growing old and my sleep needs may have just changed and I am not as willing to stick to the idea that a third of my day needs to be sleep even if those other two thirds would be better if I did get eight hours.

It just seems like a waste of time.

But I am so curious about what I am doing? Am I turning the alarm off in my sleep? Am I ignoring it until it stops ringing? I use my iPhone and I think it goes until you turn it off but there might be something that automatically stops it in the 30 minute to 5 hour range. This is just conjecture.