I feel like I am going in circles as of late. Many Fridays as of late I have just had the sudden realization of "Wait, it's Friday? Seriously?

Not that I am complaining, because weekends are cool. Except well, my weekend schedules are so haphazard as of late that there is something soothing about the rigorous schedule of the work-week even though I would prefer to not be at work.


I started making another game. I don't know why I haven't touched EPIC as of late other than I am not feeling “”motivated”” to do it. Now of course, as someone who just makes games as a hobby motivation is a weird beast. I want to finish the game but I don't have a timeline for it. So maybe that is what I need to do. I want to implement X feature by day Y. Yeah, that sounds good.

But I have another idea for a short little game so I want to pump it out. Maybe getting back into the development cycle at all will help me get back to the bigger projects.