Beta Testing

For the past few years I have been installing the beta versions of iOS on my phone. It's not a good idea. I know this. Anything could happen.

Last week when I was in BitSummit, my iPhone kept shutting down. Really, really hot. I run the beta software and I think "Well, it's not impossible that the beta is getting into some sort of crazy loop and over heating and shutting itself down, right?"

So when I got back home I scheduled a Genius Bar appointment and went to restore my iPhone to 9.3.2 just in case.

"Please input your password."

Squeeze me? I do not remember putting the encryption on my iPhone. Some quick searching turns up that there is an option for you to save that's password in the Keychain. Phew.

Of course, it's not in the Keychain.

Palms sweaty, I start typing. This password, that password. Nothing. I look through my notes files in case for some dumb reason I decided to write it down in there. Nothing. 1Password. Nothing. I'm fucked.

Except there is iCloud Backup. I can do that. I do instantly and spend the next few days trying to remember that damn encryption password. But I got nothing.

Bring it to the Apple Store. Software tests checks out. The Genuis squeezes my phone and sighs. She thinks the batter is getting fat. Brings it to the back room. I'm not the only one who has gained weight over the past year. Free new phone for me. Should increase the resell value in September, especially since my old one had a big chunk taken out of the bottom right corner when I dropped it.

Get my new phone. It's iOS 9.3.2. Of course. So here I sit in Osaka, typing away on my iPad Pro while my phone downloading beta software over Apple's WiFi, me praying my iCloud Backup will work.

Passwords, people. Be careful with passwords.