Wash your hands

I woke up this morning. I went to urinate. As I was washing my hands I realized that for some reason I had not flushed the toilet this time. I flushed and with one fell swoop my hands turned towards the sink to apply soap and wash my hands. Such is the instinct in my body of washing my hands after flushing the toilet that I went to do it again without even thinking.

It is also my instinct to grab my phone manifesting itself as an alarm clock in the morning and then look at email, Twitter and then Facebook if for some reason the previous two items did not ruin my morning enough. People seem to be real shitty. I seem to be real shitty at times and I have to fight the urge to believe that I am being shitty because of the shitty mood I am in from others being shitty, but the shitty thing is that I am actively choosing to be shitty even if I don't think I am. A shitty situation.

But this instinctive washing of my hands was frightening. What else am I doing every day without even thinking before?