Well, it isn't bad

Final Fantasy Fifteen opens up (Gasp, spoilers.) with the main party pushing their car down the road. If this does not summarize the past, fuck, ten years(?) since the game’s “”announcement"" then I do not know what does.

I like the game.

So far.

I think everyone (Okay, I am just talking about one person: me) was expecting a total disaster, and it is not. It is a fine video game. Is it the exact Final Fantasy I want? Well, no. But that hasn't happened since... FF10? I mean, 11 and 12 are disasters. 13 and its sequels were fun enough, 14 is another fuckstorm, but this is something. This I can play.

Thanks to the Bravely games and I am Setsuna I have had that good-good RPG feeling. Even my foray into the Trails of games has not hurt. Fifteen is hitting the spot of a modern-isa game to play right now. Plus those Final Fantasy bits that get my bits all hot and slash or bothered.

That’s four hours in. We will see how it keeps up.