Happy New Year

Happy New Year, everyone. You know, because I was born today and so my actual year begins today intead of January first. Oh how clever.

How's that working out for me? Being clever. Christ, Fight Club is a shitty movie. That is a good quote, though.

If 70 people read this, there is a 99.9% chance one of you has tody as your birthday too. If so, happy birthday. Treat yourself. Read some Wikipedia, maybe? Good facts, you know. Wikipedia is never wrong.

Had some bad Magics yesterday. Round one in the GPT was against Miracles. We went to time and I just could not draw anything to take the dude out. Sure kept his board clean, though. Terminus fucking sucks. Round two Merfolks smashed over me. Oh well. Dropped, went and got a late lunch. Then I drove to a store that was doing a 7pm Legacy tournament.

Five played in that. Twelve were playing Commander. I have not even seen that many people playing Commander. But they sure seemed to be having a good time. Well, the folk who were making infinite combos going off seem to be having fun. The others just kind of sat there. I wonder about that format. But lots of people were playing. So I think they might have been having fun.

I'm off the Stifle version of Grixis Delver and am now playing the Cabal Therapies. I'm not sure. But it seems to be the more standard version which may mean it is better, which may mean it is more well known. But I was still able to pull off some wins in the five-person tournament last night. Lost against Tin Fins. Got kind of grumpy as I just could not seem to grab any counters. He was not even ripping them from my hand with discard spells. I just didn't have them.

Beat some WU deck I cannot remember the name of. Stoneblade? Was it WUR? Memory getting fuzzy. Then I tied against Eldrazi. That was annoying. Games just went long. I could stablize, but then just could not finish him off due to his big ass things. Well, game one was real long. Game two I locked him down and pulled it off right after they called time. Whoops.

Gonna spend today at another Grand Prix Trial. Last chance to get those two byes. If not, a long day of Magic awaits me. Or not if I lose real quick, but then at least I will be in Chiba, near Tokyo and friends and can do some stuff. Should be fun.

Spoiled myself with a steak dinner last night. Might spoil myself with World of Final Fantasy tonight. Or a box of Battle for Zendikar. I mean, that chance of an Expeditions is pretty sexy. Plus Gideon is rising in price like crazy. But nah, no box, I think. I mean, playing Magic itself is enough of a gamble. Why bust all them packs when the chances are so low?

Wish me luck at the GPT!